Loren Amazon Princess


Old fashioned role-play in a world of epic fantasy


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Loren Amazon Princess is a traditional RPG where you have to create your own character, choosing their gender and class, to join Princess Amazon on her epic adventure.

Despite the story and characters being as important as in any other RPG, Loren Amazon Princess' biggest appeal is the detailed, in-depth combat system. It'll require a lot of strategy and cunning on your part to survive some of the most complicated fights this game has to offer.

As you progress through the story and kill enemies (of which you'll find many different types), you'll gain experience and level up, which will guarantee you new abilities. However, your ability of recruiting the more than 10 playable characters that appear throughout the adventure will open up lots of possibilities when it comes time to fight.

Loren Amazon Princess's graphics aren't anything wonderful, since most consist of static illustrations. That said, they're very well drawn and give the game a special charm.

Loren Amazon Princess is a classic RPG that includes an interesting adventure, romance options for the other characters in your group, a very fun combat system, and a fantastic setting.

You can only play the beginning of the adventure.

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